Head Chef Yannick Alléno bagged a third Michelin star in 2007, and his brilliantly inventive cooking is based on a deep knowledge of classical Escoffier vintage culinary technique.

Gallic gastronomic grandeur can’t be much better than the glamorous dining room at the Hotel Meurice in the heart of Paris. Le Meurice was redecorated by Philippe Starck several years ago but its French atmosphere survived intact with the mosaic floor, crystal chandeliers, heavy damask curtains and the windows overlooking the Tuileries Gardens across the street. The magnificent space is animated by old-school but friendly service that’s as precise as a minuette.

The menu is riveting. In addition to recent creations such as crispy green ravioli with a fricassee of snails and wild garlic, a starter, and spit-roasted red-wine marinated pigeon with red cabbage and apple juice. You can also enhoy rare produce from the Ile de France such as cabbage from Pontoise or honey from hives on the roof of Paris’s Opéra Garnier.

{February 24, 2012}